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Discover Webhooks, a feature that allows Sellsy to better communicate with external applications.

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03 - 23 - 2017Alain Mevellec

Easily redirect your Sellsy notifications to Slack. Your team will be conveniently notified with the information that they need.

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03 - 22 - 2017Alain Mevellec

"Lead Scoring, Marketing Automation, CRM, Customer Success..."

Talk is going around everywhere about these new essential "superpowers" in doing business.

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03 - 17 - 2017Maud Heurtel

The webpage and the conditions of participation have been reviewed and improved to help your contacts discover Sellsy!

Did you know that if you recommend Sellsy, the amount of commission you receive can reimburse your entire subscription and even make you money?

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03 - 09 - 2017Maud Heurtel

Our product is quite extensive, so sometimes, it's a bit difficult to put a thumb on exactly what Sellsy does.

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02 - 23 - 2017Maud Heurtel

Generating leads through an effective content marketing strategy is fine, but attracting ready-to-transform prospects is better.

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02 - 22 - 2017Maud Heurtel

Take a look at the world's largest SaaS conference through our eyes.

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02 - 17 - 2017Alain Mevellec

Discover the latest news about Sellsy's improvements developed by Sellsy's technical team.

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02 - 01 - 2017Maud Heurtel

In order to prepare a major update of our products, we have planned a maintenance operation. This will greatly simplify the management of collaborators, licenses, and your subscription.

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01 - 31 - 2017Maud Heurtel

Find out about the new invoicing features we will implement starting December, 13th

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12 - 12 - 2016Maud Heurtel

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